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  SMA Worldwide plc, SMA House,
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About us

A private and independent company with the most advanced IT backbone and the best Management and Experienced staff in the industry.

  • Company specialises in MEDIA, DANGEROUS GOODS, TECHNOLOGY, and PUBLISHING among other industries.
  • Situated at Kings Langley and London Heathrow Airport
  • Global consolidation: Mail, Parcels, Freight and Logistics
  • “One-stop” distribution and fulfilment services
  • Worldwide network of the most reliable channels.
Market Position
  • Deliveries Worldwide to business and home addresses
  • Unlimited choice of quality products
  • Bulk buying discounts passed on to our clients
  • Impartial advice and creative tailor-made solutions
  • Specialist support for the mail room logistics
  • Mail order industry fulfilment on a global basis
  • Special e-commerce fulfilment expertise
Experience and Qualtiy- Breading on Core Values
  • Competent well qualified and motivated team
  • Listening to clients and understanding their needs
  • Committed to providing complete customer satisfaction
  • Routine performance monitoring and continual transit time testing
  • Security systems comply fully with airline handling regulations

SMA will maintain its position as a leading supplier of quality International and UK Courier and Logistics services through the provision of the best solutions and IT backbone available in the market.

SMA will be perceived as the most innovative and competent courier and logistics service provider in the UK and as the quality leader among the companies with which we compete.

SMA will work in partnership with our customers to fully understand their requirements and strategic goals, add value to the distribution of core products/services and impact positively on the profitability of our clients.

SMA believes in the continual quality enhancement in all areas of our business on the principle of “Exceeding Client Expectations”.

SMA Utilises a cross-functional team approach to include the knowledge and expertise of all staff in providing a total service to our clients.

SMA Will always aim to be the most reliable and cost effective channels of courier and logistics solutions.

Customer satisfaction is SMA’s raison d’être

SMA’s Vision is to define a new meaning of the phrase “Global Logistics” by combining leading-edge technology, a superior IT backbone, excellent customer based software and a first class customer service to provide a total bespoke service that is both outstanding and reliable for each and EVERY client.

Client = Partner in success

To create a new value-added to each business partner by rendering an outstanding and differentiated service to all clients.

SMA growth will be via service superiority, reliability, trust, customer service and personal recommendations from satisfied partners


SMA Worldwide’s Logistics activity is based on the branded “Strategy to excel” that contains the British Quality Foundation's “Excellence Model”.

SMA Worldwide is a major driver within the BQF Logistics steering committee.


At SMA Worldwide we recognise that good environmental practice is also good business practice and that all times maintain an environmental policy appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, products or services which: -

  • Reduces adverse environmental impacts arising from the company’s activities
  • Ensures efficient use of materials and energy
  • Encourages re-use and recycling
  • Is fully aware of all environmental legislation and ensures that regulatory requirements are met and, where feasible, improved upon
  • Ensures that all employees act in accordance with this environmental policy during the course of their duties
  • Is committed to continual improvement and prevention of pollution
  • Provides a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets
  • Is documented, implemented and maintained and communicated to all employees
  • Is available to the public
  • Ensures that environmental management system requirements are established, implemented and maintained in accordance with this policy.

We spotted an immense gap in the market for a new kind of service while we were providing consultancy for a major International Courier & logistics and a major media company (Both are known global household names). We identified various challenges within their logistic operations, and prepared a detailed report and action plan. However, like many very large organisations the Courier Company did not have the drive to implement the “root and branch” reform needed to streamline their business in a “Customer oriented” fashion. When SMA Worldwide Logistics was established we started with a blank piece of paper, we did not have any baggage. We were able to design our business in a totally customer focused way from day one. The rest, as they say, is history.

We were able to offer clients a highly attractive alternative solution to their logistics problems. In doing so we built a company that is truly “customer-centric” with a personal approach and bespoke service long since lost by the giant Courier & logistics companies. We then invested in the development of leading edge software that simply cannot be matched for the service that it provides and its ease of use. The combination of traditional personal service and state of the art IT proved to be an absolute winner and has resulted in double digit sales growth every year since we launched in 2001

SMA Group
The SMA Group of Companies began in 1982 as Management Consultants to the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other service industries. In addition to the UK we have offices in Cairo (Egypt) and Dubai (UAE). Those offices accommodate our Management Consultancy, Security & Counter-terrorism and Logistics activities. Our combined Global work force (without agents) is more than 4,200 people
Los Angeles Chicago New York London Cairo Dubai Beijing
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